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Aeturnas Trinitas  -  A Persistent World Online Gaming Guild
Aeturnas Trinitas
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Aeturnas Trinitas
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Aeturnas Trinitas
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Aeturnas Trinitas
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Welcome to the home of Aeturnas Trinitas, an Online Gaming Community. For over nine years, Aeturnas Trinitas has persisted under the following charter:

Respect Your Guildmates

Destroy Your Enemies

Game On

We pride ourselves on being RP Focused and PVP Enthusiasts, but the community and its strength always comes first.

In the Summer of 2003, on the Shadowbane MMORPG (Mourning Server), three factions, represented by three prominent guilds, joined forces entirely for the advancement of the lore, roleplay, and pvp experience. Those guilds were All Father's Wrath (led by Azash and Brutalus), House Daenyr (led by Ambrithal), and The Free Cities d'Tariponto (led by Sarafias and Legurio).

The name Aeturnas Trinitas, an improper Latin grammatical for "The Eternal Trinity" is in reference to the joining of these three guilds. It's important to note, that Redemption was also part of this merger, but only in respect to the game server and not the community.

In Age of Conan we allied under the Eternal Guard banner, which remains a brother guild to this day.

Since that time, Aeturnas Trinitas has had many forays into many games. We maintain the gaming online community regardless of game we're playing, and focus on what's important most in the games we play: the people we play them with.

2003 - Shadowbane

2005 - World of Warcraft (Alliance)

2007 - World of Warcraft (Horde)

2007 - Steam

2011 - Star Wars the Old Republic

2012 - Guild Wars 2

Aeturnas Trinitas has also made forays into games such as Aion, Warhammer, Star Wars The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 but are no longer active.

Today we remain active in World of Warcraft on Emerald Dream.